MyFitnessPal – Flexible Dieting How To Guide




Your complete guide to learning, using and unlocking the full potential of MyFitnessPal! Learn to track like the pros and experience a whole new level of nutritional freedom!

MyFitnessPal plays a pivotal role in nutritional freedom and tracking, however it can be very daunting to beginners and newcomers. This guide will touch on everything you need to know to fully utilise the game changing features found on MFP and allow you to more effective understand your nutrition, macros and unlock nutritional freedom!

This all inclusive E-book covers:

  • General Info & Navigating the App
  • How to setup your macros & share your diary
  • Utilising your frequent tabs
  • How to ACCURATELY track foods
  • How to create a meal
  • Tips & Tricks
  • MFP Premium Features